Talk therapy in psychosocial counseling reduces suicide risk substantially

Suicide risk falls substantially after talk therapy — Researchers find repeat suicide attempts and deaths by suicide plummet even years after treatment – Repeat suicide attempts and deaths by suicide were roughly 25 percent lower among a group of Danish people who underwent voluntary short-term psychosocial counseling after a suicide attempt, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led research suggests.

Secondhand smoke exposure increases asthma readmission for children in hospitals

Secondhand smoke exposure increases odds of hospital asthma readmission for children – A new study shows that exposure to secondhand smoke at home or in the car dramatically increases the odds of children being readmitted to the hospital within a year of being admitted for asthma. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, raises the possibility that measurement of tobacco exposure could be used in clinical practice to target smoking cessation efforts and reduce the likelihood of future hospitalizations.

Weight gain prevention intervention effective to prevent weight gain

Intervention appears effective to prevent weight gain among black women – An intervention not focused on weight loss was effective for weight gain prevention among socioeconomically disadvantaged black women. Promoting clinically meaningful weight loss among black women has been a challenge.

Emergency contraception prescriptions for teens

AAP Recommends Emergency Contraception Be Available to Teens – Teen pregnancies have declined over the past few decades, but the United States continues to see substantially higher teen birth rates compared to other developed countries. Use of emergency contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy if used up to 120 hours.