273 human proteins required for HIV propagation

Using a technique called RNA interference to screen thousands of genes, researchers identified 273 human proteins required for HIV propagation. The vast majority had not been connected to the virus by previous studies. – Current drugs attack HIV itself, leaving patients vulnerable to counterattack by the rapidly mutating virus, which often evolves resistance. But the human proteins exploited by HIV represent potential therapeutic targets that could avoid this problem. The challenge will be to develop drugs that inhibit HIV by interacting with these human proteins without hurting our cells.

Mobile phone users to to find an HIV testing center near them

Mobile phone users can send a text message with their zip code to ?KNOWIT? (566948). Within seconds, they will receive a text message containing information on HIV testing sites near them.
– In the United States, an estimated 1 million people are living with HIV; of these, approximately 25 percent are unaware of their HIV infection and at increased risk for infecting others. The earlier people know they have HIV, the sooner they can benefit from life-extending treatment, and reduce the risk of infecting their partners.

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