Healthier diets possible in low-income rural communities in US

Healthier diets possible in low-income, rural communities in America — According to new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – In the United States, children don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Instead, their diets typically include excessive amounts of sugars and solid fats, counter to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations, increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Monocrotophos contaminated food killed 23 children

Chemical in indian school deaths was five times regular strength – monocrotophos was found in mustard oil for cooking – Poisoned food killed 23 children at an Indian school on 16th July. Forensic experts found traces of a chemical compound monocrotophos five times stronger than its level used in commercial pesticide, said the chief of police in Bihar.

Smart healthy snacks in US schools

USDA Proposes Standards to Provide Healthy Food Options in Schools — New “Smart Snacks in School” proposal to ensure vending machines, snack bars include healthy choices – Good nutrition lays the groundwork for good health and academic success. Providing healthy options throughout school cafeterias, vending machines, and snack bars will complement the gains made with the new, healthy standards for school breakfast and lunch so the healthy choice is the easy choice for our kids.

Cafeteria diet increases stroke risk

‘Cafeteria diet’ hastens stroke risk — High-sugar, high-salt intake creates ‘a ticking time bomb of health problems’ – The fat- and sugar-rich Western diet leads to a lifetime of health problems, dramatically increasing the risk of stroke or death at a younger age,. Researchers found that a high-calorie, high-sugar, high-sodium diet nicknamed the ‘cafeteria diet’ induced most symptoms of metabolic syndrome ? a combination of high levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity ? in rats after only two months.

Why do male avoid veggies

You are what you eat: Why do male consumers avoid vegetarian options? – Why are men generally more reluctant to try vegetarian products? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers are influenced by a strong association of meat with masculinity.

Fast food customers cut calories after US food labeling system

1 in 6 fast-food customers cut calories after US food labeling system introduction — Changes in energy content of lunchtime purchases from fast-food restaurants after introduction of calorie labeling – Around a sixth of fast food customers used calorie information and, on average, bought food with lower calories since the introduction of a labelling system in the US, says a new study published.

US children eating more and more frequently outside home

Eating location increasingly important factor in diet of American children, according to new study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association – As childhood obesity rises and the American diet shifts towards increasing consumption of foods eaten or prepared outside of the home, concerns about the nutritional quality and the total consumption of such foods are also increasing.

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