Insurance status affects access to dental appointments

Insurance status affects access to dental appointments – A study using research assistants who posed as mothers of a 10-year-old boy with a fractured front tooth seeking an urgent dental appointment measured dentists’ willingness to provide treatment to children with Medicaid/CHIP versus private insurance.

Rheumatoid arthritis incidence on the rise in women

Rheumatoid arthritis incidence on the rise in women — Study suggests environmental factors may be cause of increase – The incidence of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in women has risen during the period of 1995 to 2007, according to a newly published study by researchers from the Mayo Clinic.

Aloe vera tooth gel is effective for teeth and gums

Healing power of aloe vera proves beneficial for teeth and gums, too – Healing power of aloe vera proves beneficial for teeth and gums, too. Researchers revealed that the aloe vera tooth gel was just as effective, and in some cases more effective, than the commercial brands at controlling cavity-causing organisms.

Acidic beverages, citric juices damage teeth

How to manage erosion caused by everyday beverages – Researchers have warned people to beware of the damage that acidic beverages have on teeth. Yet, for some, the damage and problems associated with drinking sodas, citric juices or certain tea may have already begun to take effect.

Tesco reveals dental map of Britain

Many people are worried about spending money on their important dental treatment due to current economic situation. – Research from a survey by Tesco Dental Insurance has revealed Brits are finding it increasingly difficult to find an NHS dentist. The results also show that rising dental costs are putting people off visiting the dentist.

High barriers to dental care exist for 12 million children

C.S. Mott Children?s Hospital National Poll on Children?s Health finds for children without dental health coverage, over 40% received no regular dental care – As the nation begins to focus its attention on the prospects of major health care reforms, one important aspect of health must not be overlooked ? access to affordable dental care for children. If left untreated, tooth decay in childhood can lead to lifelong tooth and gum problems, hospitalizations and emergency room visits, delayed physical development and loss of school days.

Jaw necrosis risk from oral bisphosphonate, Fosomax

Researchers at the University Of Southern California, School Of Dentistry release results of clinical data that links oral bisphosphonates to increased jaw necrosis. – A new research study revealed that there an increased risk jaw necrosis from oral bisphosphonates like Fossamax type drugs used for osteoporosis.

Poor oral hygiene, bleeding gums may cause heart disease

Bad teeth, bleeding gums and poor dental hygiene can end up causing heart disease, revealed by researchers at the Society for General Microbiology’s Autumn meeting being held this week at Trinity College, Dublin. – People with poor dental hygiene and those who don’t brush their teeth regularly end up with bleeding gums, which provide an entry to the bloodstream for up to 700 different types of bacteria found in our mouths.