Elderly must start tai chi to prevent falls

New guidelines for preventing falls in the elderly include: start tai chi, cut-back on meds – In the first update of the American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatric Society’s guidelines on preventing falls in older persons since 2001, they now recommend that all interventions for preventing falls should include an exercise component and that a number of new assessments should be used, including; feet and footwear, fear of falling, and ability to carry out daily living activities.

Healthy diet lowers cataract risk in women

Healthy diet associated with lower risk of cataracts in women – Women who eat foods rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals may have a lower risk of developing the most common type of cataract that occurs in the United States, revealed by researchers.

Cataract surgery does not progress AMD

Cataract Surgery Does Not Appear Associated With Worsening of Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Age related macular degeneration does not appear to progress at a higher rate among individuals who have had surgery to treat cataract, revealed by researchers.

Dietary supplement carnosine may help prevent cataract

New evidence that popular dietary supplement may help prevent, treat cataracts – The popular dietary supplement carnosine may help to prevent and treat cataracts, revealed by researchers. Cataract a clouding of the lens of the eye that is a leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

Cataract surgery complications linked to BPH drug tamsulosin

Medication Used to Treat Urination Difficulties for Men Associated With Higher Risk of Ophthalmic Complications Following Cataract Surgery – Use of the medication tamsulosin to treat male urination difficulties within two weeks of cataract surgery is associated with an increased risk of serious postoperative ophthalmic adverse events such as retinal detachment or lost lens, according to a study in the May 20 issue of JAMA.

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