Antibiotic amoxicillin no cure for acute sinusitis

Treating acute sinusitis with antibiotic does not appear helpful – Treatment with the antibiotic amoxicillin for patients with acute uncomplicated rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses) did not result in a significant difference in symptoms compared to patients who received placebo.

Primary care doctors get little information about chronic sinusitis

Primary care doctors get little information about chronic sinusitis — Georgetown researcher says advances go unnoticed because they are not reported in targeted publications – Facial pain. Nasal congestion. Postnasal drip. Fatigue. These are hallmark signs of chronic sinusitis, a swelling of tissue in the nasal and sinus cavity. The illness strikes millions of Americans each year and is one of the top five reasons patients visit their primary care doctor.

Sinus infection rhinosinusitis may lead to toxic shock syndrome

Rhinosinusitis should be considered the primary cause of TSS when another site of infection has not been identified. – Rhinosinusitis (infection and inflammation in the sinus passages surrounding the nose) appears to be a primary factor in about one-fifth of toxic shock syndrome cases in children.

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