Stop Using Hydroxycut Dietary Supplements for weight loss

FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products Dietary Supplements; Pose Risk of Liver Injury. – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., of Oakville, Ontario and distributed by Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. of Blasdell, N.Y. Some Hydroxycut products are associated with a number of serious liver injuries. Iovate has agreed to recall Hydroxycut products from the market.

Autism tied to genes that influence brain cell connections

World’s largest DNA scan for autism uncovers new gene variant for disorder. Risk of autism tied to genes that influence brain cell connections. – Researchers have identified a new gene variant that is highly common in autistic children. Gene, known as CDH10, is most active in key regions that support language, speech and interpreting social behavior.

Autism linked to being firstborn, breech births or older moms

Autism may be linked to being firstborn, breech births or moms 35 or older. Study looked at group of Utah 8-year-olds. – Children who are firstborn or breech or whose mothers are 35 or older when giving birth are at significantly greater risk for developing an autism spectrum disorder, University of Utah School of Medicine researchers have reported in a new study with Utah children.

Cervical cancer screening to 50000 women in India

QIAGEN and Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute Partner to Establish First Large-Scale Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Kolkata, India. – QIAGEN and the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) announced a collaboration to establish the first large-scale cervical cancer screening program for women in Kolkata, India.

Prostate cancer vaccine Provenge prolongs survival

PROVENGE Significantly Prolongs Survival in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer in Pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT Study. – Dendreon Corporation (Nasdaq: DNDN) announced that the pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT study of PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) in men with advanced prostate cancer met its primary endpoint of improving overall survival compared to a placebo control.

GE and Intel to form healthcare alliance

GE and Intel Invest $250 million in New Market Opportunity; Companies to Market and Develop Innovative Technologies for Independent Living and Chronic Disease Management. – GE (NYSE:GE) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) announced today an alliance to market and develop home-based health technologies that will help seniors live independently and patients with chronic conditions manage their care from the comfort of their home or wherever they choose.

Positive results of Albuferon in Chronic Hepatitis C

Human Genome Sciences Announces Positive Results In Second Of Two Phase 3 Trials Of Albuferon(R) In Chronic Hepatitis C – Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: HGSI) announced that Albuferon (albinterferon alfa-2b) met its primary endpoint of non-inferiority to peginterferon alfa-2a (Pegasys) in ACHIEVE 1, a Phase 3 clinical trial of Albuferon in combination with ribavirin in treatment-naive patients with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C (p=0.0008).

ViroPharma’s Maribavir failed in bone marrow transplant patients

ViroPharma Reports Results of Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Maribavir in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients – ViroPharma Incorporated (Nasdaq: VPHM) announced that its Phase 3 trial evaluating maribavir used as prophylaxis in allogeneic stem cell, or bone marrow, transplant (SCT) patients did not achieve its primary endpoint.

Autism spectrum disorder linked to preterm birth

New study explores the relationship between preterm birth and autism spectrum disorder. – Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Boston Medical Center (BMC), in collaboration with other medical centers, have found that children born more than three months premature, are at three times the risk for screening positive on the modified checklist for autism in toddlers (M-CHAT).

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