Nutrition during first 1000 days of every child’s life

Nutrition during first 1,000 days of life crucial for childhood and economic development – Over 3 million children die every year of malnutrition-accounting for nearly half of all child deaths under 5, revealed by researchers in Lancet series on maternal and childhood nutrition.

Protein hydrolysate based infant formulas found better

Not all infant formulas are alike: Differential effects on weight gain – New findings from the Monell Center reveal that weight gain of formula-fed infants is influenced by the type of formula the infant is consuming. Commonly available infant formulas are cow’s milk-based, soy-based and protein hydrolysate-based.

Birth weights in US have declined

US birth weights on the decline — U.S. infants are getting smaller – Birth weights in US have declined during the past 15 years, revealed by researchers at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute’s Department of Population Medicine.

Low birth weight linked to diabetes gene CDKAL1

Diabetes gene raises odds of lower birth weight – Gene previously shown to be involved in the development of type 2 diabetes also predisposes children to having a lower birth weight, revealed by researchers.

Aqua Leisure recalls inflatable baby floats

Aqua-Leisure Industries Recalls Inflatable Baby Floats Due to Drowning Hazard – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm Aqua-Leisure Industries, of Avon, Mass., announced a voluntary recall of Inflatable Baby Floats product manufactured in China.

TV noise leads to delayed language development in infants

Audible television is associated with decreased exposure to discernible human adult speech and decreased child vocalizations. These results may explain the association between infant television exposure and delayed language development. – For every hour they spend in the presence of an audible television, parents speak fewer words and infants are less likely to make vocalizations in response, according to a report in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

Baby care products meet safety standards

Activist group allegations about baby care products false; Baby care products meet established safety standards. – Allegations made today that commonly used baby products are somehow contaminated with harmful levels of carcinogenic chemicals are patently false and a shameful and cynical attempt by an activist group to incite and prey upon parental worries and concerns in order to push a political, legislative and legal agenda.

Preterm babies could benefit from skin-to-skin cuddling

Research published in the open access journal BMC Pediatrics suggests that very preterm babies, born between 28 and 31 weeks, could benefit from skin-to-skin cuddling with their mother before and during painful procedures such as a heel lance. – Preterm babies, born between 28 and 31 weeks, could benefit from skin-to-skin cuddling with their mother before and during painful procedures such as a heel lance, reported in a recent study.

Ban use of bisphenol A in baby bottles

Environmental health groups call for immediate moratorium on bisphenol A in baby bottles, food and beverage containers. Baby bottles leach toxic chemical, according to new U.S. and Canadian Study. – Dozens of state and national environmental health organizations in the U.S. and Canada are calling for an immediate moratorium on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles and other food and beverage containers, based on the results of a new study that demonstrates the toxic chemical BPA leaches from popular plastic baby bottles when heated.

Baby personal care products safer for infants

Statement by John Bailey, Chief Scientist: The Personal Care Products Council Response to Study on Phthalate Exposure in Baby Care Products.
– A study published this month in the journal, Pediatrics, suggests that the use of baby lotion, powder, and shampoo is linked to the presence of phthalates in babies. Phthalates are a large family of compounds used in a wide variety of everyday products.

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