Routine scans for low back pain do not improve outcomes

OHSU researchers find regular MRI, CT, radiography scans unnecessary unless a significant underlying condition is first identified. – Physicians should not immediately order routine scans for low-back pain unless they observe features of a serious underlying condition, researchers in the Oregon Evidence-Based Practice Center at Oregon Health & Science University report.

Back pain is reoccurring problem for Australians

Back pain still an issue for over 5 million Australians: Are we treating it right? – A new study by researchers at The George Institute for International Health has found that back pain is a reoccurring problem for five million Australians.

Alexander technique offers long-term relief for back pain

Chronic back pain can be eased by teaching the Alexander technique to patients. Alexander technique is an alternative therapy involving better posture. – Alexander technique lessons in combination with an exercise programme offer long-term effective treatment for chronic back pain, according to a study published on

Low back pain lumbar supports not reducing sick leave

When measuring pain prevention or reduction in number of sick days used, the researchers found little or no difference between people who used supports and their peers who did not. – Lumbar or lower back supports – those large belts that people wear around their waists when they lift or carry heavy objects – are not very useful for preventing low back pain, according to a new systematic review.

Back pain expenses and disability rising

In US, self-reported back and neck problems accounted for a large proportion of health care expenditures. These spine-related expenditures have increased substantially from 1997 to 2005, without evidence of corresponding improvement in self-assessed health status. – Although expenses related to back and neck problems have increased substantially in the last decade in US, outcomes such as functional disability and work limitations do not appear to be improving, revealed by researchers.

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