Breast cancer can be detected by a simple blood test

A simple blood test could be used to detect breast cancer — University of Leicester and Imperial College London in study to determine whether DNA in blood could show early signs of cancer – A simple blood test could one day be a more accurate way to test for the early signs of breast cancer than using mammograms to spot a lump. Researchers reveals that the blood test could improve treatment by detecting whether breast cancer patients are likely to relapse and what drugs their particular type of tumour will respond to.

Breast cancer charity Komen overstated screening benefits

Breast cancer charity under fire for overstating the benefits of screening — Experts challenge ‘pink ribbon’ creator for misusing statistics to generate false hope – Professors Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin of the Center for Medicine and the Media at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice argue that last year’s breast cancer awareness month campaign by Susan G Komen for the Cure “overstates the benefit of mammography and ignores harms altogether.”

Breast cancer reoperation after breast conserving surgery

1 in 5 women with breast cancer has a reoperation after breast conserving surgery — And more needs to be done to inform them about this risk – One in five women with breast cancer who opt for breast conserving surgery rather than a mastectomy have a reoperation. This information on the risk of reoperation should help women in making the decision about whether to undergo breast conserving surgery or mastectomy.

Chin augmentation – fastest growing plastic surgery in US

Chin Surgery Skyrockets Among Women and Men in All Age Groups — New ASPS statistics show ?chinplants? are fastest growing procedure – Do you have double chin? Chin augmentation is the fastest growing plastic surgery trend among all major demographics — a phenomenon which appears, in part, to be sparked by increased usage of video chat technology, an aging baby boomer population and a desire for success in the workplace.

Whole genome breast cancer study launched by Mayo Clinic USA

Mayo Clinic launches whole genome breast cancer study – The Breast Cancer Genome Guided Therapy Study (BEAUTY Project) will help physicians tailor chemotherapy to breast cancer patients based on their individual genomes and the genomes of their tumors.

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures rising in US

13.8 Million Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed in 2011 – 5 Percent Increase Leads to Second Consecutive Yearly Gain – In US, the plastic surgery market continues to show significant growth – two years in a row. 13.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures (both surgical and minimally-invasive) were performed in the United States in 2011, up 5 percent since 2010. In addition, 5.5 million reconstructive plastic surgery procedures were performed last year, up 5 percent.

Additional breast surgery common after partial mastectomy

Study finds substantial variability in rate of additional surgery after partial mastectomy – Nearly one in four women who undergo a partial mastectomy for treatment of breast cancer have another surgery to remove additional tissue (reexcision), and there is substantial surgeon and institutional variation in the rate of reexcisions that cannot be explained by patients’ clinical characteristics.

Breast cancer vaccine reduces tumours in mice

Scientists develop vaccine that attacks breast cancer in mice — Implications for the treatment of ovarian, colorectal and pancreatic cancer, as well – Researchers have developed a vaccine that dramatically reduces tumors in a mouse model that mimics 90 percent of human breast and pancreatic cancer cases-including those that are resistant to common treatments.

7% breast cancer patients have breast reconstruction surgery

Most breast cancer patients do not have breast reconstruction surgery – Breast reconstruction surgery has a very positive effort on women with breast cancer as they go through their breast cancer journey. Only 7% of female breast cancer patients opt for breast reconstruction surgery.

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