MERS infection rising in Saudi Arabia

MERS cases spike to 339 in Saudi Arabia — 8 new MERS deaths take Saudi toll to 102 – The Saudi health ministry announced eight new deaths from the MERS virus on Sunday taking the kingdom’s death toll from the disease to 102. The number of recorded infections in the kingdom has risen to 339, it added.

MERS CoV kills man in France

SARS-Like Virus Kills Man in France — New SARS-like virus is a ‘threat to the entire world’ – A 65 year old man died in northern France from the new SARS like virus. The unnamed man became the first of two confirmed cases of the strain of coronavirus in France this month after returning from a trip to the United Arab Emirates in April.

DNA sequencing found virus killing transplant recipients in Australia

DNA sequencing establishes high throughput genetic sequencing as powerful tool for pathogen discovery; technology enables improvements in screening for transplant safety. – In the first application of high throughput DNA sequencing technology to investigate an infectious disease outbreak, link the discovery of a new arenavirus to the deaths of three transplant recipients who received organs from a single donor in Victoria, Australia in April 2007.