Second hand smoke raises fertility problems in women

If you need another reason to quit smoking, consider that it may diminish your chances of being a parent or grandparent. Women exposed to second hand smoke were more likely to face fertility problems. – Women exposed to second hand smoke, either as adults or children, were significantly more likely to face fertility problems and suffer miscarriages, revealed by researchers from University of Rochester Medical Center.

Paint chemicals may harm sperms, male fertility

Men working as painters and decorators who are regularly exposed to chemicals found in paint may be more prone to fertility problems, sperm motility, infertility, etc. – A new study has revealed that chemicals used in paint emulsions may damage semen quality in males, making them infertile. The results of the study have been published in the ‘Occupational Environmental Medicine’ journal.

Right diet and lifestyle may help infertile women

Right dietary choices and the right amount of physical activity in daily life may increase probability of becoming fertile if one is experiencing problems with ovulation and infertility. – Women who followed a combination of five or more lifestyle factors, including changing specific aspects of their diets, experienced more than 80 percent less relative risk of infertility due to ovulatory disorders compared to women who engaged in none of the factors, according to a paper published in the November 1, 2007, issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology.