Heart attack declines due to smoke free workplace laws

Decline in Incidence of Heart Attacks Appears Associated with Smoke-Free Workplace Laws – A new study has found the strongest evidence yet that smoke-free workplace laws that reduce secondhand smoke inhalation can lead to reductions in heart attacks. Exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) is associated with coronary heart disease (CHD) in nonsmokers, and research suggests that the cardiovascular effects of SHS are nearly as large as those with active smoking.

Pregnant urged to give up smoking before 15 week

Pregnant women who smoke, urged to give up before 15-week ‘deadline’. Spontaneous preterm birth and small for gestational age infants in women who cease smoking in early pregnancy: A prospective cohort study. – Women who stop smoking before week 15 of pregnancy cut their risk of spontaneous premature birth and having small babies to the same as non-smokers, according to research published on bmj.com today.

Smoke free policy leads to drop in heart attack hospitalizations

Smoke-free Policy Leads to Dramatic, Sustained Drop in Heart Attack Hospitalizations in Pueblo, Colorado – Heart attack hospitalizations in the city of Pueblo, Colorado fell sharply after the implementation of a municipal law making workplaces and public places smoke-free, and this decrease was sustained over a three-year period, according to a report in this week’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Quit Smoking – a Healthy Start to 2008

Smokers should make a new year’s resolution to give up the habit. The Australian Medical Association AMA is urging all smokers to put their health first in 2008. – The Australian Medical Association AMA is urging all smokers to put their health first in 2008 by making a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking for good.

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