59 tested positive for Influenza A H1N1, India

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Health screening of passengers coming from affected countries is continuing in 21 International airports. 46661 passengers have been screened on 20.6.2009.

28584 passengers were from affected countries. 222 doctors and 111 paramedics have been deployed to man 77 counters at the above airports. A cumulative total of 2192493 passengers have been screened.

Three new cases have been reported: Two from Chennai and one from Delhi. Of the two cases in Chennai: (i) one is 29 years old male passenger who had travelled from North Carolina to New Delhi transiting New Jersey and Mumbai reaching Chennai by AI flight AI 144 on 13th June and self reported at the identified health facility on 18th with complaints of fever, running nose and sore throat. (ii) the second case is his wife, 25 years who travelled with him. She also developed symptoms of fever, sore throat and reported to the identified health facility. The single patient in Delhi is a 15 year old male passenger who had travelled from New York to Delhi on 17th June 2009. He self reported at the identified health facility with symptoms of sore throat, cough, body-ache and fever on 19th June 2009. All their contacts are being traced and given chemoprophylaxis.

So far samples of 421 persons have been tested of which fifty `nine have been tested positive for novel Influenza A [H1N1]. Of these, six cases are indigenous cases who got the infection from the positive cases traveled from abroad. The rest of the samples have been found negative for the novel virus. Among the 421 persons tested, 138 were identified through health screening at International Airports, 20 identified through contact tracing and the rest were samples from persons who have self reported.

Of the 59 cases, thirty two have been discharged. Rest of the patients are all stable and remain admitted to the identified health facility.

The situation is being monitored.

World Health Organization has reported 44287 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 infection from 94 countries as on 19th June 2009. There have been 180 deaths. (No further update is available)

Source: Press Information Bureau, India

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