Pathogens Unveiled: Understanding Our Microscopic Foes

Pathogens Unveiled: Understanding Our Microscopic Foes

In the labyrinth of the human body, a multitude of microscopic life forms thrive, shaping our health, emotions, and overall wellbeing. Among these microorganisms, there exists a pantheon of villains, known as pathogens, poised to compromise our health at the slightest opportunity. Let’s venture into the world of these pathogens, examining their role in diseases like endometriosis, measles, and HIV, while also delving into how the body responds to their insidious invasions.

Aggressive HIV recombinant strain progress to AIDS within 3 years

An aggressive form of HIV uncovered in Cuba – One recombinant variant observed in patients in Cuba appears to be much more aggressive than other known forms of HIV. Patients progress to AIDS within three years of infection – so rapidly that they may not even realise they were infected.

Tainted antibiotic pills with rat poison caused sterilization deaths

India sterilization deaths due to pills tainted with rat poison — Tainted antibiotic pills with rat poison caused sterilization deaths – The women who died after sterilization surgery in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh might have been given antibiotic pills contaminated with rat poison, a senior official said.

Smoking rate higher in people with mobility impairments

Miriam Hospital study examines smoking prevalence — First-of-its-kind study to examine the high-risk group and advise they be targeted for cessation – Researchers from The Miriam Hospital have found that people with mobility impairments under age 65 have significantly higher rates of smoking than those without mobility impairments.

E-cigarette – 10 new brands and 240 new flavors every month

Ten new e-cigarette brands and over 240 new flavors appear monthly on the web — Older brands more likely to push health and price; newer ones focus on consumer choice – 10 new brands and more than 240 new flavours of e-cigarette are coming to market every month, reveals a new study. The study is one of nine pieces of research on e-cigarettes to come out of the State and Community Tobacco Control Research (SCTC) Initiative, funded by the US National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health.

Low cholesterol slows HIV progression

Low cholesterol in immune cells slows HIV progression – Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have identified why some HIV-infected people experience much slower disease progression, even without medication, and it has to do with cholesterol levels in specific immune cells.

HIV fresh cases reduced by 52%

UNAIDS reports a 52% reduction in new HIV infections among children and a combined 33% reduction among adults and children since 2001 – UNAIDS shows dramatic acceleration towards reaching 2015 global targets on HIV. New HIV infections among adults and children were estimated at 2.3 million in 2012, a 33% reduction since 2001. New HIV infections among children have been reduced to 260 000 in 2012, a reduction of 52% since 2001.

A cup of beetroot juice daily lowers blood pressure

Drinking cup of beetroot juice daily may help lower blood pressure – A cup of beetroot juice a day may help reduce your blood pressure, revealed researchers. People with high blood pressure who drank about 8 ounces of beetroot juice experienced a decrease in blood pressure of about 10 mm Hg. But the preliminary findings don’t yet suggest that supplementing your diet with beetroot juice benefits your health.

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