Aston University’s Journey to Empower Gender Equality in Indian Institutions

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Aston University, a Birmingham-based higher education institution, has been selected by the British Council to help Indian universities enhance gender equality. To achieve this, the university will aid in the development of gender equality frameworks tailored to each institution.

Aston University’s commitment to promoting gender equality and advancing women’s careers across all disciplines has been demonstrated through their achievement of the Athena Swan gold award, the highest accolade for higher education equality. Their College of Engineering and Physical Sciences became only the second UK university department to receive this prestigious title.

On March 29th, representatives from the British Council, the Indian Government Department for Science and Technology, and Advance HE visited Aston University. They toured the campus, including the Advanced Prototyping Facility 3D Printing Lab and Aston Medical School. During the visit, Hannah Bartlett, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion, shared the university’s experience working with the Athena Swan Charter. She discussed how they integrated the charter into their organization and how it has become sustainable in the long term, leading to various benefits.

The Athena Swan award supports diversity and creates opportunities for students and staff at all levels. Dr. Nisha Mendiratta, from the Indian Government Department of Science & Technology, mentioned that India’s Department of Science and Technology has launched the Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions (GATI) program to support gender equality. The visit to Aston University allowed for meaningful interactions with the Athena Swan team, and the shared experiences will help implement the GATI program in Indian institutions.

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– Aston University has been selected by the British Council to assist Indian universities in enhancing gender equality.

– The university will help develop tailored gender equality frameworks for Indian institutions.

– Aston University has demonstrated its commitment to gender equality by achieving the Athena Swan gold award.

– Representatives from the British Council, the Indian Government Department for Science and Technology, and Advance HE visited Aston University to learn from their experience.

– The visit facilitated meaningful interactions between the Aston University Athena Swan team and Indian representatives, paving the way for implementing the GATI program in India.

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