Better access to AYUSH services in India

Better access to AYUSH services in India

Government of India has approved and notified National AYUSH Mission (NAM) for better access to AYUSH services; strengthening of AYUSH educational institutions, facilitate the enforcement

Anxiety can damage brain and increases Alzheimer’s disease risk

Anxiety can damage brain — Accelerate conversion to Alzheimer’s for those with mild cognitive impairment – People with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are at increased risk of converting to Alzheimer’s disease within a few years, but a new study warns the risk increases significantly if they suffer from anxiety.

Plain cigarette packs not a problem for small shops

Plain cigarette packets to be introduced — Australia was the first country in the world to introduce plain pack cigarettes – Ireland first EU country to ban branding on cigarette packages – Putting all cigarettes in packs of uniform colour, size and design has not caused sales staff any problems in serving customers according to new research. Researchers examining the impact of plain, standardised tobacco packaging studied how long it took shop assistants to identify and retrieve cigarettes in small shops across Australia – twice before the rollout of standardised packaging in December 2012, and twice after.

Binge drinking increases cognitive decline in older adults

Binge drinking increases the risk of cognitive decline in older adults – Researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD), University of Exeter, suggesting a link between binge drinking in older adults and the risk of developing dementia. The work is supported by the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care in the South West Peninsula (NIHR PenCLAHRC).

Specific antipsychotic drugs increase risk in elderly dementia patients

Research: Differential risk of death in older nursing home residents prescribed specific antipsychotic medications: Population-based cohort study – Nursing home residents over the age of 65 who take certain antipsychotic medication for dementia are at an increased risk of death, suggests a research paper published in BMJ. Haloperidol had double the risk of mortality amongst other drugs for the condition, say researchers.

Exercise helps to eat a healthy diet and nutrition

Exercise helps us to eat a healthy diet – A healthy diet and the right amount of exercise are key players in treating and preventing obesity but we still know little about the relationship both factors have with each other. A new study now reveals that an increase in physical activity is linked to an improvement in diet quality.

Distressed young drivers take risks on road

Young drivers who take risks on the road have a greater risk of mental health problems — The psychological distress of the young driver: A brief report – Young adults who take risks when driving are more likely to experience psychological distress, including mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, reveals research published ahead of print in Injury Prevention.

Infants with persistent crying likely to have behavior problems in childhood

Infants with persistent crying problems more likely to have behavior problems in childhood – Infants who have problems with persistent crying, sleeping and/or feeding – known as regulatory problems – are far more likely to become children with significant behavioural problems, reveals research published ahead of print in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Doctors on Facebook may be compromising doctor patient relationship

Doctors on Facebook risk compromising doctor-patient relationship — Facebook activity of residents and fellows and its impact on the doctor-patient relationship – Doctors with a profile on the social networking site Facebook may be compromising the doctor-patient relationship, because they don’t deploy sufficient privacy settings, indicates research published online in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Mixed handed children more likely to have mental health problems

Mixed-handed children more likely to have mental health, language and scholastic problems – Children who are mixed-handed, or ambidextrous, are more likely to have mental health, language and scholastic problems in childhood than right- or left-handed children, according to a new study published today in the journal Pediatrics.