Female G spot found

An Italian researcher reported that he has found the female G spot, an elusive and controversial pleasure point. The study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This was a small study of 20 healthy Italian volunteers who reported their own experiences of org asm and agreed to have an ultrasound examination measuring the thickness of the tissue between their vag ina and urethra, known as the urethro vag inal space. The study reported that the differences in the thickness of the tissue correlated with whether or not the women reported the ability to have a vag inal org asm.

Dr Giovanni Gravina and colleagues from the Universities of L’Aquila and Rome, Italy, carried out this research. The study was partly supported by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education and an unrestricted grant from the drug company, Pfizer. It was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal: Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This was a cross-sectional study that compared two groups of women who were not allocated to groups in a randomised or controlled way. The researchers invited 20 women who were in the healthy control arm of a previous study of bladder-flow rates and control in women. Of the 37 possible volunteers in this study, the researchers selected those who were in stable, heterosexual relationships and who reported having se xual inter course at least twice a week over the previous six months. They also scored highly (at least four or five out of five) on three specific questions asked by a sexologist: “How often do you reach org asm?”, “How difficult is it for you to reach orgasm?” and “How satisfied are you with your ability to reach org asm?”.

Source: Journal of Sexual Medicine, UK

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