Universal health insurance may narrow gaps in health care, US

Universal health insurance coverage may reduce persistent disparities in Americans from different racial, socioeconomic or ethnic groups. – Health care disparities in the U.S. have long been noted, with particular attention paid to the gaps separating racial and economic groups.

3 point plan to save money on insurance

Three-point plan to save money on insurance without switching companies or skimping on coverage. Illinois Division of Insurance urges consumers to explore discounts. – Switching from brand names to generics is a great way to save money on food and clothes, but when it comes to insurance, consumers need to make well-informed decisions prior to altering coverage or changing companies.

Health insurance essential for people’s health and well being

Action urgently needed from US President and Congress to solve crisis of the uninsured in the country. Health insurance is essential for health and well-being of peoples. – The evidence shows more clearly than ever that having health insurance is essential for people’s health and well-being, and safety-net services are not enough to prevent avoidable illness, worse health outcomes, and premature death, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine.

Kids from low income families are without health insurance

Although mom, dad have health insurance through work, kids may go without. Parents often can?t afford to pay extra to cover their kids. – New research at Oregon Health & Science University reveals millions of children from low- to middle-income families are going without health insurance, even when at least one parent has private health insurance through his or her employer.

Insurers’ anti-patient practices won’t be tolerated

California Medical Association (CMA) says Los Angeles City Attorney Lawsuit against Health Net sends a strong message that insurers? anti-patient practices won?t be tolerated. – A Los Angeles City Attorney’s lawsuit accusing Health Net Inc. of promising medical coverage, then dropping patients if they needed expensive treatment, sends a strong message to insurers that such mistreatment of patients will not be tolerated.

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