Influenza a H1N1 update – 158 cases in India

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Health screening of passengers coming from affected countries is continuing in 22 International airports. 45,107 passengers have been screened on 7.7.2009 of which 34,233 passengers were from affected countries. 224 doctors and 112 paramedics are manning 81 counters at these airports.

A cumulative total of 30,31,360 passengers have been screened.

Five new laboratory confirmed cases has been reported today: Delhi (1), Mumbai (1), Bangalore (1) and Srinagar (2).

The case in Delhi is a 25 year old male passenger who travelled from USA reaching New Delhi on 3th July 2009 by Delta Airlines flight DL 184. He reported with symptoms of running nose, sore-throat, fever and body-ache on 7th July 2009 at the identified health facility where he is admitted.

In Mumbai, a 40 year old male who travelled from Los Angeles, USA to Mumbai transiting Singapore [Singapore Airlines flight SQ11 and SQ 4222] reached Mumbai on 7th July 2009. He reported on 7th July 2009 with symptoms of fever and cough at the identified health facility where he is admitted.

The case in Bangalore is a 29 years old male who travelled from Melbourne transiting Bangkok to Bangalore by Thai Airways flight TG 0325 reaching Bangalore on 4th July 2009. He reported at the identified health facility with history of fever and cough on 6th July 2009.

The two cases in Srinagar are mother (33 years) and son (6 years) who had travelled from Bangkok to New Delhi by IC 854 reaching Delhi on 4.7.2009 and travelling further to Srinagar on 5th July by Spice Jet Flight SG 851. They developed symptoms of fever and reported to the Army Hospital at Srinagar.

1007 persons have been tested so far of which 158 are positive for Influenza A H1N1 [Swine]. 303 out of the 1007 persons have been identified through entry screening, twenty seven through contact tracing and the rest were self reported.

Of the 158 positive cases, 113 have been discharged. Rest of them remains admitted to the identified health facility.

The situation is being monitored.

World Health Organization has reported 94,512 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 infection from 135 countries as on 6th July 2009. There have been 429 deaths. There is no further update.

Source: Press Information Bureau, India

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