Stem cell therapy may prove valuable in paralysis

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An amazing recovery noticed in an Australian Perry Cross who is quadriplegic, after regular injections of embryonic stem cells. Perry Cross was a rugby player and he got the paralysis of all his limbs in 1994 when he was 19 years old. Since then he was on ventilator to breath.

After 14 years of long-suffering, he could breathe on his own after receiving embryyonic stem cell treatment here in New Delhi from Dr. Geeta Shroff who is working on this stem cell therapy for last many years. Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is a symptom in which a human experiences paralysis of all four limbs, although not necessarily total paralysis.

Perry Cross brought to India 2 months back for the 3 months course of stem cell treatment. Stem cell treatment is not allowed in Australia for public. Stem cell therapy is the process of injecting stem cells into an organism or person in the hope that they will differentiate and replace damaged tissue, or to repair specific tissues or to grow organs.

Dr. Geeta Shroff expressed the progress encouraging in Perry Cross. In the end, stem cell therapy needs to be evaluated for its safety.

Source: Health Newstrack, India

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