Swine Flu Situation as on 30th April 2009

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World Health Organization has reported human cases of Swine Influenza A [H1N1] caused by a re-assorted Swine flu virus. As on 29th April, 2009 nine countries have officially reported 148 cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 infection with 8 deaths.

USA has reported 91 laboratory confirmed human cases, with one death and Mexico reported 26 cases including seven deaths.

The other countries which have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths are: Austria (1), Canada (13), Germany (3), Israel (2), New Zealand (3), Spain (4) and the United Kingdom (5).

World Health Organization has raised the pandemic alert from phase 4 to phase 5 implying wide spread human infection.

Keeping in view the global scenario, Government of India has instituted a series of preventive actions that include surveillance at Ports and International Airports, Surveillance through Integrated Disease Surveillance units in the States and travel advisory for those traveling to the affected areas to defer non essential travel. Health screening of passengers has been started at International airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

A passenger, aged 27 years, returning from Texas, USA reached Hyderabad on 28th April, developed symptoms of common cold reported to a private hospital for check-up wherein he was referred to the Govt. Chest Hospital, Hyderabad where he failed to report. This passenger has been tracked to his residence. He was found healthy with no symptoms of flu and is being followed-up. His clinical samples have been taken and being sent to the identified laboratory. No other suspect case been identified in the screening. The states have been advised to review their preparedness to investigate and contain any suspected cluster of Influenza like Illness. Central Government has issued necessary guidelines to all States and Union Territories. The stock of medical supplies like Oseltamivir capsules, personal protective equipments, N-95 masks and three layered surgical masks have been decentralized and is being kept at Regional Director offices of this Ministry located in 19 cities to meet any emergent requirement of the States.

The situation is being monitored.

Source: Press Information Bureau, India

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