Swine influenza vaccine soon by Lipoxen, UK

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Lipoxen plc (AIM:LPX) (“Lipoxen” or “the Company”), a bio-pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of high value differentiated biologicals, vaccines and siRNA delivery, and Cambridge Biostability Ltd (CBL), the developer of temperature stable vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, are pleased to announce that they have achieved positive preclinical results for the delivery of a novel and enhanced influenza vaccine based on the combination of Lipoxen’s novel vaccine delivery system ?ImuXen’ and CBL’s proprietary VitRIS stabilisation platform.

The study results show that ImuXen increases the effectiveness of influenza vaccine materials by approximately 30-fold. In addition, the VitRIS formulation enhances the efficacy of the vaccine a further 4-fold. As a combined product, the VitRIS-preserved ImuXen formulation has the potential to achieve a projected 10-fold advantage in vaccine production rates, addressing the greatest potential need for seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines for existing and newly emerged flu viruses.

Highlights of the results:

– ImuXen shown to increase the effectiveness of influenza vaccines by approximately 30-fold

– VitRIS formulation enhances the efficacy of the vaccine by a further 4-fold

– Potential to radically increase output of vaccine doses from existing manufacturing facilities – projected 10-fold advantage in vaccine production rates

– No requirement for ‘cold-chain’ of refrigerated trucks, warehouses and fridges

The study, which was undertaken by Lipoxen and CBL with analysis of blood samples conducted by Retroscreen Virology Ltd in London, was set up to determine the capability of Lipoxen’s ImuXen technology, in combination with CBL’s VitRIS stabilisation technology, to create a stable vaccine formulation that would increase antibody production against an H1N1 Influenza virus which was supplied by the UK National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), the Government body responsible for safeguarding and advancing public health by assuring the quality and safety of biologicals. Data from the study was independently reviewed by Professor Will Irving, a Consultant Virologist at Nottingham University’s Queen’s Medical Centre and a leading UK virologist who has worked on influenza for over 15 years.

Source: Lipoxen, UK

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