Update on Influenza a H1N1 in India

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Health screening of passengers coming from affected countries is continuing in 22 International airports. 42,103 passengers have been screened on 9.8.2009 of which 34,366 passengers were from affected countries.

224 doctors and 151 paramedics are manning 81 counters at these airports. A cumulative total of 45,68,774 passengers have been screened.

Ninety five laboratory confirmed cases have been reported today. Pune (47), Mumbai (22), Panchgani (6), Delhi (14), Noida (1), Ajmer (1) Gurgaon (1) and Mangalore (3), All the 47 cases in Pune are indigenous cases.

In Mumbai out of 22 cases, only one has a travel history to Austria. The rest 21 cases are indigenous cases. The 6 cases in Panchgani of Satara District are school contacts of the outbreak reported earlier.

In Delhi, out of 14 cases, four cases have travel history [USA (2), Singapore (2)]. The rest 10 cases are indigenous cases. The single case in Noida is a close contact of a previously reported positive case. In Ajmer, the lone case has a travel history to Dubai. In Gurgaon, the single case is an indigenous case.

In Mangalore, out of the three cases, one of them has a travel history to U.K. The rest two cases are indigenous cases.

Two more deaths have occurred during the period reported upon making the total death toll to six [Pune (3), Mumbai (1), Ahmedabad (1), Chennai (1)].

In Pune, a 32 year old male was admitted in Inlaks Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon Park, Pune on 6th August 2009 with history of having fever, sore-throat and bodyache for the last 7 days. As his condition did not improve, he was shifted to Sassoon Hospital on 7th August 2009 and was put on ventilator in ICU. Despite treatment, his condition deteriorated and expired in the morning of 10th August 2009.

In Chennai, a 4 and half year old male child was admitted on 5th August in a local hospital in Perungudi with history of having fever and loose motion for two days. The next day his condition became critical due to multi-organ failure. On 8th August he was suspected to be a case of Influenza A H1N1 and sample was tested and was subsequently found to be positive on 8th August evening. He was put on Oseltamivir. However, his condition worsened and expired in the morning of 10th August 2009.

4513 persons have been tested so far out of which 959 are positive for Influenza A H1N1 [Swine]. 647 out of the 4513 persons have been identified through entry screening, 825 through contact tracing and the rest were self reported.

Of the 959 positive cases, 563 have been discharged.

Rest of them remain admitted to the identified health facility.

A central team is stationed at Pune to assess the situation and institute appropriate public health measures.

As on 31st July 2009 World Health Organization has reported 162380 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 and 1154 deaths. No further update is available.

Source: Press Information Bureau, India

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