$540 million funding for cancer research to six Ludwig Centers

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Cancer research in the U.S. got a critical boost today as the six Ludwig Centers received a total of $540 million as part of a gift from Ludwig Cancer Research, on behalf of its founder, Daniel K. Ludwig.

This new funding ranks among the largest private philanthropic gifts to cancer research.

Following are six Ludwig Centers at
– Johns Hopkins University,
– Harvard University,
– the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
– Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,
– Stanford University and
– the University of Chicago

Today’s gift adds to the endowments established in 2006 to create the Ludwig Centers at each institution, bringing the Ludwig total funding at these institutions to $900 million. Ludwig’s global contribution to advancing cancer research is now $2.5 billion.

Initial funding to the six U.S.-based Ludwig Centers has already yielded groundbreaking discoveries. It has paved the way for the first comprehensive maps of the genomic landscapes of cancers, transformative “smart drugs” and immunotherapy treatments, and fast-tracked research to bring new treatments for various types of metastatic and rare cancers.

This gift complements the late American businessman Daniel K. Ludwig’s global plan for financing cancer research. The new funding was realized by the sale of New York real estate investments held by Mr. Ludwig. Ludwig’s first contribution to cancer research was made in 1971 when he established the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research – a not-for-profit that supports more than 600 cancer researchers at dedicated labs around the world.

Ludwig Cancer Research comprises the Ludwig Institute, the six U.S.-based Ludwig Centers and select affiliated scientists across the globe.

Source: About Ludwig Cancer Research, USA

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