Hypertension treatment combo fails for blood pressure patients

Guideline alert for blood pressure patients as treatment combo fails (combination of ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers) – Thousands of Canadians with high blood pressure (hypertension) are being treated with a drug combination that increases the risk of sudden cardiac death, kidney disease and the likelihood of dialysis, warns the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Healthy lifestyle is in mind

Psychological concerns are the most important barriers to an active lifestyle. – The main factors influencing the amount of physical exercise people carry out are their self-perceived ability and the extent of their desire to exercise.

Obesity starts in the head?

Obesity starts in the head? Six newly discovered genes for obesity have a neural effect – Obesity is known to increase the risk of chronic disorders, such as diabetes (type 2). An international team of scientists with German participation through the Helmholtz Zentrum M?nchen identified six new obesity genes.

Public private partnership in health sector

Health Minister invites diaspora to join in developing healthcare – Indian Health Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss has called for public-private partnership in health sector to meet the gap between supply and demand.

One person diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus is growing faster than ever as new figures show that one person is diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes. – One person is diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes in the UK, according to new figures from Diabetes UK. The charity reports that the number of people diagnosed with the condition is growing faster than ever.

Free resources to help lead a healthier life

Department of Public Health Urges Residents to Consider Their Health When Choosing a New Year?s Resolution – The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) is urging people to consider resolutions for a healthy lifestyle for the New Year. Whether your resolution is to take better care of your general health, lose weight, or quit using tobacco, the DPH offers tips and resources to help you succeed in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Eating less important to stop weight gain

Trying to eat less becomes more important to fend off middle-age weight gain – Lots of experts disagree over the seemingly obvious notion of keeping weight off by trying to eat less ? a debate that centers on whether the practice backfires, leading to binging and weight gain.

Hypertension susceptibility gene STK39 identified

University of Maryland researchers identify common gene variant linked to high blood pressure. STK39 gene produces protein involved in regulating how kidneys process salt. – Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have identified a common gene variant that appears to influence people’s risk of developing high blood pressure, according to the results of a study being published online Dec. 29, 2008 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Back pain is reoccurring problem for Australians

Back pain still an issue for over 5 million Australians: Are we treating it right? – A new study by researchers at The George Institute for International Health has found that back pain is a reoccurring problem for five million Australians.

Second hand smoke raises fertility problems in women

If you need another reason to quit smoking, consider that it may diminish your chances of being a parent or grandparent. Women exposed to second hand smoke were more likely to face fertility problems. – Women exposed to second hand smoke, either as adults or children, were significantly more likely to face fertility problems and suffer miscarriages, revealed by researchers from University of Rochester Medical Center.

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