Miscarriage risk high in obese pregnant women

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Overweight women with a tendency towards obesity run a greater risk of repeat miscarriages and should be advised to lose weight before they try and become pregnant again, revealed by researchers at London’s St Mary’s Hospital.

Researchers based their findings on an analysis of 696 women whose miscarriages were classed as “unexplained” by a specialist clinic. They found the subjects’ risk of a further miscarriage was raised by 73 percent if the woman was obese.

The researchers found that the older the woman, the higher chance she had of having another miscarriage, but when the figures were adjusted to account for this, obesity emerged as another possible factor.

This is the first study to look directly at the link between BMI and recurrent miscarriage. It shows obese women who experience recurrent miscarriage are at greater risk of subsequent pregnancy loss.

Source: St Mary’s Hospital, UK

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