Prevacid clinically proven to treat frequent heartburn

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Novartis announced the availability of Prevacid 24HR (lansoprazole delayed-release capsules 15 mg/acid reducer) over-the-counter in pharmacies and retail stores across the US to treat frequent heartburn.

Prevacid?24HR received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in May 2009. It is the first and only over-the-counter (OTC) Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) for the treatment of frequent heartburn in its original formulation.

“It is well known that Americans are taking more ownership of their health-care decisions. The launch of Prevacid?24HR for the treatment of frequent heartburn is a milestone in the over-the-counter medicine category, expanding the treatment choices for the millions of adults who suffer from frequent heartburn,” said Dirk Van de Put, Global Head, Over the Counter Business Unit, Novartis Consumer Health. “We’re looking forward to providing frequent heartburn sufferers with broad access to this very effective treatment and expect the launch to drive strong incremental growth for the OTC Digestive Health category.”

Prevacid? (lansoprazole) was one of the most prescribed acid reducer brands in the US over the last decade[3] based on IMS Data. The same medicine in Prevacid is now available over-the-counter in Prevacid?24HR for the treatment of frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn is defined as heartburn that occurs two or more days per week.

Prevacid?24HR is clinically proven to work for a full 24 hours, both day and night. It is the only PPI approved for OTC treatment of frequent heartburn that contains the active ingredient lansoprazole. Starting today, Prevacid?24HR is expected to be available in more than 100,000 pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and other retail locations throughout the US.

Source: Novartis, USA

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