Tanning bed ban for minors under 18 in California US

Tanning bed ban for minors under 18 in California US – Teens and owners object to tanning-bed ban – California toughens teen tanning laws – California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., signed groundbreaking legislation today that will prohibit the use of commercial indoor tanning devices for those under the age of 18. California is the first state to ban minors from using commercial tanning booths.

Zelboraf approved for late stage skin cancer

FDA approves Zelboraf and companion diagnostic test for late-stage skin cancer — Second melanoma drug approved this year that improves overall survival – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Zelboraf (vemurafenib), a drug to treat patients with late-stage (metastatic) or unresectable (cannot be removed by surgery) melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Eating grapes and drinking red wine protect your skin

Protective Effect of Structurally Diverse Grape Procyanidin Fractions against UV-Induced Cell Damage – UV radiation leads to the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These molecules exert a variety of harmful effects by altering key cellular functions and may result in cell death. Several studies have demonstrated that human skin can be protected against UV radiation by using plant-derived antioxidants.

Better inform consumers about sunscreen to help reduce skin cancer risk, early aging

FDA Announces Changes to Better Inform Consumers About Sunscreen — New Rules Give Consumers More Information to Help Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer, Early Aging – Sunscreen products meeting modern standards for effectiveness may be labeled with new information to help consumers find products that, when used with other sun protection measures, reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging, as well as help prevent sunburn. The final regulation allows sunscreen products that pass the FDA’s test for protection against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays to be labeled as “Broad Spectrum.”

Teen girls and young women need a lesson on dangers of indoor tanning

New survey finds teen girls and young women need a lesson on dangers of indoor tanning – Despite repeated warnings from dermatologists on the health dangers of tanning, results of a new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) confirmed that a large percentage of Caucasian teen girls and young women admitted using tanning beds or intentionally tanning outdoors in the past year.

New drug for melanoma skin cancer patients soon

Plexxikon Reports Overall Survival Benefit for Melanoma Patients in PLX4032 Phase 3 Trial – Plexxikon Inc. announced positive data from an interim analysis of the BRIM3 trial, a large multi-center Phase 3 clinical study of PLX4032 (RG7204) in patients with previously untreated metastatic melanoma with the BRAF mutation.

Follow up helps detect melanoma earlier

Follow-Up Program Helps Detect Melanoma Earlier in High-Risk Patients – A follow-up program for patients at high risk of developing skin cancer appears to be associated with the detection of melanomas at early stages and with good prognosis.

Parents favor genetic testing for melanoma in their children

Parents favor genetic testing for melanoma in their children – The vast majority of parents who tested positive for a genetic mutation that increases the risk of melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) support genetic testing of their children or grandchildren. Results of the two-year study at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) appear in the December issue of the journal Genetics in Medicine. The data could lead to the establishment of formal, evidence-based guidelines for genetic testing of people younger than 18 years.

International clinical trial tests targeted drug for melanoma skin cancer

International clinical trial tests targeted drug for melanoma — Rush University Medical Center enrolls first US patient – Rush University Medical Center has just enrolled the first U.S. patient in an international clinical trial testing a novel drug to treat certain kinds of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer that in its advanced stages currently has few effective treatments.

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