Autism Awareness Day – 2 April 2012

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5th annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2012. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events.

US government data shows the disorder is more common than previously thought. One in 88 children is affected by autism spectrum disorder. The increase is attributed to better diagnosis.

The United Nations recognizes the day to spread awareness on the developmental disability that affects tens of millions of people worldwide.

In April, we recognize National Autism Awareness Month and the special challenges faced by those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Autism cases are on the rise due to wider screening and better diagnosis. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, the rate of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders has gone from one in 150 in 2007 to one in 88 currently. The previous estimate was 1 in 110 two years ago.

The CDC study is considered the most comprehensive U.S. investigation of autism prevalence to date. Researcher gathered data from areas in 14 states — Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin.

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