Olivia Newton John appeals to support breast cancer research

Grease star and cancer campaigner Olivia Newton-John is returning to her Cambridge roots on Wednesday 14 January when she visits Addenbrooke’s Hospital to find out about the latest research into breast cancer.

Olivia – who won her own battle with the disease in the 1990s – is helping Addenbrooke’s to launch its new Pink Rose Valentine’s Appeal, which will raise money to support the Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit.

Worldwide, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer every 30 seconds – but Cambridge scientists are leading the fight against the disease. Their latest developments include the isolation and identification of ?circulating tumour cells’ in patients with advanced cancer. Finding these rare cells represents a potential alternative to invasive tests for the detection and monitoring of cancer, and they could help doctors understand how and why the disease spreads within the body.

Professor Carlos Caldas, who runs the Breast Cancer Research Unit, says: “We’re concentrating on translational research ? projects that we can take out of the laboratory and deliver to patients. That includes new ways of imaging that will help early diagnosis and monitoring, and developing drugs that are specifically focused on aggressive breast cancer. We have also established a programme to target the adult stem cells that start cancers. The Pink Rose Valentine’s Appeal will support these programmes and will create research opportunities for the breast cancer doctors of the future ? and with the help of the donations, we can make a significant difference to how we treat and prevent this disease.”

Peter Dalton, Director of Fundraising, says: “The appeal asks people to ?give a little love?’ both on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year to their loved ones and to our good cause. We’d like supporters to host a dinner, drinks or even a singles night for friends and family, and to ask their guests to make a donation to the cause. People can also buy electronic Valentine’s cards from celebrities like Stephen Fry, Joan Collins, Rachel Weisz, and Olivia Newton-John.”

Source: Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

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