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HealthNewstrack.com is the health news site by Axis Media and Publishing Company which is an organization dedicated to serve recent and updated health & medical events/news to its subscribers and internet visitors worldwide, accessible to general public, health & medical professionals, and other health seekers. All the current medical & health information is provided with a user-friendly system.

Axis Media and Publishing Company recognized the potential of mass media to positively affect people’s health through the dissemination of reliable and useful information – research, news, events. HealthNewstrack.com aspires to bring latest research knowledge and experience to the millions of people who visit the site each month.

We comply with the HONcode principles for trustworthy health information.

Funding: Axis Media and Publishing Company has created this website www.healthnewstrack.com, and the site is right now displaying advertisements from Google ad network, marked as “Ads by Google”. The site receives no other external sources of funds.
(This section would be updated if we receive any other source of funds to run this site — Axis Media and Publishing Company)

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Axis Media and Publishing Company
Booth no. 46, HUDA Market,
Sector 15, Part 2,
Gurgaon 122001.
email: office (at) healthnewstrack.com

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