Editorial Team

Our editorial team ensures that the information that is published on the site is accurate, concise and relevant to our subscribers and visitors. Our journalists and editors pick the most important health news articles from health-related Internet sites, government websites, disease management portals, hospitals, managed care organizations, newspapers, specialty health sites, medical journals, industry conferences and scientific sessions, government announcements, and new research released by healthcare institutions.

Health Newstrack Group helps get vital information to researchers, regulators, patients, and the general public. Sharing this knowledge helps improve life for everyone.

Editorial Team

1. Anil Kumar, CEO
2. Dr. Poonam, B.Sc., DHMS
3. Dr. Vimmi
4. Dr. Beenu
5. Dr. P. Datta
6. Mr. J Singh
7. Mr. Rupesh (Pharmaceutical)
8. Mr. J. Arora (Health Tourism)
9. Mr. Pankaj Gupta, BE, MBA — (Finance and Marketing)
10. Mr. Hemant Kumar, MCA — (Technical and Site Maintenance)

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