Allergy asthma controlled after 3 years of allergy shots

End your child’s allergy suffering within 3 years — Shortened length of immunotherapy reduces allergies, asthma in children – When children suffer from dust mite induced allergies and asthma, finding relief can seem impossible. While there isn’t a complete cure for childhood respiratory allergies, researchers have found that long term control of allergic asthma can occur after only three years of allergy shots.

Early exposure to pets cats and dogs may prevent allergies in children

Early exposure to pets does not increase children’s risk of allergies — Evidence suggests it may actually reduce likelihood – Exposure to cats and dogs in the first year of life are associated with health status later in life, and that early life pet exposure does not put most children at risk of being sensitized to these animals later in life, revealed by researchers.

Men may have greater allergy risk than women

Men May Have Greater Allergy Risk Than Women, Suggests Largest Ever National Allergy Study — Quest Diagnostics Health Trends analysis raises possibility that men are underdiagnosed for allergies – A study of nearly 14 million blood tests for aiding allergy diagnosis shows that men exhibited higher sensitivity to 11 common allergens than women when tested, contradicting other research suggesting women experience allergies more frequently than men.

Fear of nuts creating hysteria

Measures imposed to reduce exposure to nuts are often based on irrational fears of nut allergies and are becoming increasingly sensationalist, according to a doctor on – Measures to control nuts are instead making things worse in a cycle of over-reaction and increasing sensitisation, to the point where the responses bear many of the hallmarks of mass psychogenic illness.

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