Folic acid in pregnancy lowers autism risk in baby

Folic acid supplements early in pregnancy may reduce child’s risk of autism by 40 percent — Large study in Norway finds early timing of folic acid supplements is critical – Prenatal folic acid supplements appear to reduce the risk for autistic spectrum disorders. It is estimated that about 1 in 88 children in the U.S. have been identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Dietary supplements not beneficial in older women

Certain dietary supplements associated with increased risk of death in older women — Multivitamin-taking women have higher risk of earlier death – Consuming dietary supplements, including multivitamins, folic acid, iron and copper, among others, appears to be associated with an increased risk of death in older women, revealed by researchers.

Healthy diet reduces birth defects risks

Overall quality of pregnant woman?s diet affects risk for two birth defects, Stanford study shows – Healthier dietary choices by pregnant women are associated with reduced risks of birth defects, including neural tube defects and orofacial clefts. Folic acid supplementation and food fortification has been effective in preventing neural tube defects, but folic acid does not prevent all birth defects.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 have no beneficial effects in heart disease

Study examines outcomes of lowering homocysteine levels with folic acid and vitamin B12 – A new study revealed that the substantial long-term reductions in blood homocysteine levels with folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation did not have beneficial effects on vascular outcomes but were also not associated with adverse effects on cancer incidence.

FDA declines Fusilev NDA for colorectal cancer

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Receives Complete Response Letter from FDA for FUSILEV(R) in Advanced Metastatic Colorectal Cancer – A Complete Response letter is issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) for FUSILEV (levoleucovorin) for injection for treatment of patients with advanced metastatic colorectal cancer.

Multivitamins in pregnancy avoid underweight babies

Multivitamins in pregnancy reduce risk of low birth weights – Prenatal multivitamin supplements are associated with a significantly reduced risk of babies with a low birth weight (underweight babies) compared with prenatal iron-folic acid supplementation, found a new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

Folic acid prevents congenital heart defects by 6%

Folic acid to prevent congenital heart defects – Researchers at the MUHC show the effectiveness of folic acid in preventing congenital heart defects. – The Canadian policy of fortifying grain products with folic acid has already proved to be effective in preventing neural tube defects. And the latest study shows that folic acid also decreases the incidence of congenital heart defects by more than 6%.

Taking folic acid before pregnancy reduces preterm birth risk

Taking folic acid for a year before pregnancy may reduce risk of preterm birth. Findings reinforce March of Dimes message: Start taking a vitamin with folic acid before pregnancy. – Women who take folic acid supplements for at least one year before they become pregnant may cut their risk of having a premature baby by half, according to research published this week in the online journal, PLoS Medicine.

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