Heart-Smart Workouts: Unlocking the Power of Exercise for a Healthier Heart

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You go to the gym often and like to walk or do aerobics. But is your workout good for your heart? Heart disease is a top cause of death in the U.S. Working out can help fight it by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, keeping weight healthy, and making your heart stronger.

Dr. Regis Fernandes, a heart doctor, says to have a heart-friendly workout, remember two things.

First, spend at least 150 minutes per week exercising for a healthy heart. You can split the time into three or five days, or more, depending on your schedule.

Second, keep your workout at a medium intensity. Walking, biking, and swimming are good examples. To know if you’re working at the right intensity, pay attention to your breathing. If you can only breathe through your nose, it’s too easy. If you can’t talk, it’s too hard. The right level is when you can breathe through your mouth and still talk.

Dr. Fernandes suggests doing both strength training and cardio for the best health. Always talk to your doctor before starting any workout plan.

Key Takeaways in a Nutshell – Health Newstrack

– Heart disease is a major cause of death in the U.S., and exercise can help fight it.

– Aim for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week for optimal heart health.

– Keep your workout at a moderate intensity, where you can breathe through your mouth and still talk.

– Combine strength training and cardio for the best overall health.

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