Australia in the front line for outbreaks of diseases

Australian researchers have mapped potential zones that can trigger deadly outbreak of diseases like SARS, bird flu, Nipah virus, enterovirus 71 and chikungunya in Australia. – Australia is surrounded to its north by a ?ring of fire’ where new human and animal plagues are likely to erupt without warning, with potentially devastating consequences.

Toronto Public Health investigating rabies exposures

Toronto Public Health officials issued a health alert Wednesday night after hundreds of flea market shoppers may have been exposed to three rabid puppies for sale. – Toronto Public Health is investigating human exposure to rabies from dogs purchased at a Toronto flea market. One puppy purchased at booth #1513 at Dr. Flea’s Hwy 27 and Albion Rd. Flea Market on Sunday, January_13 tested positive for rabies after being brought to the Toronto Humane Society.