Allergic rhinitis, hay fever treated with self adjusted dosing

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever or seasonal allergy can be treated with self adjusted dosing of intranasal corticosteroid triamcinolone acetonide. – Hay fever, the often seasonal allergy that affects between 10 and 20 percent of the American population, is best controlled through a course of patient-adjusted dosing, according to new research published in the September 2008 edition of Otolaryngology ? Head and Neck Surgery.

Saline nasal wash improves cold symptoms

A saline nasal wash solution made from processed seawater appears to improve nasal symptoms and may help prevent the recurrence of respiratory infections when used by children with the common cold. – Children show faster resolution of some nasal symptoms during acute illness and less frequent reappearance of rhinitis subsequently, after nasal isotonic saline application to prevent reappearance of cold and flu in children during the winter.

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