More women opting for tattoo removal

More women are presented for tattoo removal in 2006 in US. Women were white, single, college educated, and between the ages of 24 and 39 years. – Individuals who visit dermatology clinics for tattoo removal are more likely to be women than men, and may be motivated by the social stigma associated with tattoos and negative comments by others.

Plastic surgeons using laser for wrinkle removal, acne scarring, tattoo removal

Cosmetic surgeons are starting to use a new generation of laser that goes deeper than standard lasers, reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin. – UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeons are among a handful in the US deploying a new type of laser that goes deeper into the skin to help reduce wrinkles, tighten surface structures and treat pigmentation differences.

Tattooing improves DNA vaccine response

DNA-vaccination via tattooing induces stronger humoral and cellular immune responses than intramuscular delivery supported by molecular adjuvants. – Tattooing is a more effective way of delivering DNA vaccines; a tattoo can be more than just a fashion statement ? it has potential medical value, according to an article published in the online open access journal, Genetic Vaccines and Therapy.

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