Allergy to fruits treated with antibiotic streptomycin pesticides

Farm Antibiotics May Be Linked to Food Allergies — Some food allergies may be connected to pesticides – People with food allergies always have to watch what they eat. Now, they may have to watch what their fruits and vegetables eat, as it seems it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to antibiotic residues in food.

Anthrax exposure in CDC Lab USA

US CDC says more lab workers may have been exposed to anthrax – CDC announced that approximately 75 Atlanta-based staff are being monitored or provided antibiotics because they may have been unintentionally exposed to live Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) after established safety practices were not followed.

E-cigarettes may boost virulence of drug-resistant pathogens

E-cigarettes may boost resistance of drug-resistant pathogens – Despite being touted by their manufacturers as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, e-cigarettes appear in a laboratory study to increase the virulence of drug- resistant and potentially life-threatening bacteria, while decreasing the ability of human cells to kill these bacteria.

Bacteroides ovatus helps us get our daily dietary fiber xyloglucan

How a versatile gut bacterium helps us get our daily dietary fiber – A common gut bacterium – Bacteroides ovatus – helps us metabolize a main component of dietary fibre xyloglucan from the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, revealed by researchers from University of British Columbia in the journal Nature.

Understanding persistent bacteria can lead to improved therapies

Hebrew University researchers reach breakthrough on understanding persistent bacteria — Work can lead to improved therapies in the future – The mechanism by which some bacteria are able to survive antibacterial treatment has been revealed for the first time by Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers. Their work could pave the way for new ways to control such bacteria.

Breast milk purchased online may contain bacteria

Study Shows Buying Breast Milk Online is Likely to Cause Illness in Infants – More than three-fourths of breast milk samples purchased over the Internet contained bacteria that can cause illness, and frequently exhibited signs of poor collection, storage or shipping practices.