VirScan blood test can reveal viral history

VirScan blood test can reveal viral history

Your complete viral history revealed by VirScan – Blood test detects exposure to hundreds of viruses simultaneously – VirScan – a single blood test can now simultaneously test for more than 1,000 different strains of viruses that currently or have previously infected a person.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is not psychological disease

Scientists discover robust evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome is a biological illness – Immune signatures in blood point to distinct disease stages, open door to better diagnosis and treatment – Researchers identified distinct immune changes in patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, known medically as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) or systemic exertion intolerance disease.

Multiple sclerosis – possible trigger for nerve damage

NIH-funded researchers show possible trigger for MS nerve damage — Results of study in mice may lead to new treatments – High-resolution real-time images show in mice how nerves may be damaged during the earliest stages of multiple sclerosis. The results suggest that the critical step happens when fibrinogen, a blood-clotting protein, leaks into the central nervous system and activates immune cells called microglia.

HPV vaccine reduces HPV infection even in unvaccinated

HPV vaccine reduces infection, even in unvaccinated — Study shows evidence of herd protection – The HPV vaccine not only has resulted in a decrease in human papillomavirus infection in immunized teens but also in teens who were not immunized. The study is believed to be the first to show a substantial decrease in HPV infection in a community setting as well as herd protection ? a decrease in infection rates among unimmunized individuals that occurs when a critical mass of people in a community is immunized against a contagious disease.

Parents less likely to develop colds – benefit of parenthood

Parents less likely to develop colds, Carnegie Mellon research shows – There is no question that being a parent is, at times, challenging both physically and mentally. However knowledge of the actual affect parenthood has on health has been inconsistent at best, until now. New research led by Carnegie Mellon University’s Sheldon Cohen and Rodlescia S. Sneed shows that being a parent influences health in a positive way.

Nicotine addiction vaccine may help quitting smoking

New vaccine for nicotine addiction — Weill Cornell researchers develop novel anti-body vaccine that blocks addictive nicotine chemicals from reaching the brain – A single dose of novel vaccine protects mice, over their lifetime, against nicotine addiction. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have developed and successfully tested in mice an innovative vaccine to treat nicotine addiction.

US Pediatrics agency updates guidelines on polio vaccination

US Pediatrics agency updates guidelines on polio vaccination – Despite significant progress in eliminating polio, wild poliovirus persists in a small number of Asian and African countries. It is essential to ensure high levels of immunity in U.S. children to prevent outbreaks in case the virus is imported here.