Aerobic exercise is best for weight loss

For those short on time, aerobic, not resistance, exercise is best bet for weight, fat loss – When it comes to weight loss and fat loss, aerobic training is better than resistance training. A new study entitled “Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults” has revealed this.

Better weight loss with food journal

Want to lose weight? Keep a food journal, don’t skip meals and avoid going out to lunch – Women who want to lose weight should faithfully keep a food journal, and avoid skipping meals and eating in restaurants ? especially at lunch. A wide range of self-monitoring and diet-related behaviors and meal patterns impact weight change among overweight.

Reducing refined carbohydrates may help maintain weight loss better

Study challenges the notion that a calorie is just a calorie — Reducing refined carbohydrates may help maintain weight loss better than reducing fat – Diets that reduce the surge in blood sugar after a meal–either low-glycemic index or very-low carbohydrate?may be preferable to a low-fat diet for those trying to achieve lasting weight loss. low-glycemic index diet had similar metabolic benefits to the very low-carb diet without negative effects of stress and inflammation as seen by participants consuming the very low-carb diet.

Weight loss increases libido in obese

Weight loss improves sexual health of overweight men with diabetes – Modest weight loss and diet of high nutritional quality improves erectile function, sexual desire and lowers urinary tract symptoms in obese men with type 2 diabetes. This is evidenced in a new study.

Low carb, higher fat diets cause no arterial health risks

Low-carb, higher-fat diets add no arterial health risks to obese people seeking to lose weight – Overweight and obese people looking to drop some pounds and considering one of the popular low-carbohydrate diets, along with moderate exercise, need not worry that the higher proportion of fat in such a program compared to a low-fat, high-carb diet may harm their arteries, suggests a pair of new studies by heart and vascular researchers at Johns Hopkins.

Weight loss may improve memory and concentration

Weight loss improves memory, according to Kent State researcher – John Gunstad, an associate professor in Kent State University’s Department of Psychology, and a team of researchers have discovered a link between weight loss and improved memory and concentration. The study shows that bariatric surgery patients exhibited improved memory function 12 weeks after their operations.

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