Melanoma – The Dark Invader: Deadly Skin Cancer

Melanoma – The Dark Invader: Deadly Skin Cancer

In the lexicon of modern medicine, ‘melanoma’ rings a bell with the timbre of alarming urgency, echoing its formidable reputation as one of the most deadly skin cancers known to humankind. This insidious disease weaves a complex tapestry of symptoms, signs, and biological transformations that are often as enigmatic as they are menacing.

Dengue Fever: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Mosquito-borne Menace

Dengue Fever: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Mosquito-borne Menace

In the vibrant arena of Earth’s biodiversity, one of the most enigmatic and perilous phenomena is the transmission of diseases by organisms. The perpetrators are often tiny creatures that stealthily invade our bodies, acting as transporters for deadly pathogens. One such diminutive creature is the ‘Aedes aegypti’ mosquito, the primary vector of dengue fever.

Laundry detergent pods risky for children

Study finds laundry detergent pods, serious poisoning risk for children — One young child per day hospitalized in 2012 and 2013 because of pods; researchers recommend households with young children use traditional detergent instead – Laundry detergent pods began appearing on U.S. store shelves in early 2010, and people have used them in growing numbers ever since. The small packets can be tossed into a washing machine without ever having to measure out a liquid or powder. The convenience, though, has come with risks for young children.

Measles cases growing in US – 288 cases reported in 2014

288 cases of measles reported in 2014 in US and measles cases are growing – Measles is an acute, contagious viral disease, usually occurring in childhood and characterized by eruption of red spots on the skin, fever, and catarrhal symptoms. In US, since January, 288 cases of measles were reported and number is growing.

Dexcom’s G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitoring system approved for kids

FDA approves pediatric use of Dexcom’s G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitoring system – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the expanded use of the Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Monitoring System for patients with diabetes ages 2 to 17 years. The G4 Platinum System, which monitors blood glucose levels in people with diabetes, had been approved for patients ages 18 and older.

Avoid decorative and colored contact lenses this Halloween for eye safety

FDA warns against ‘illegal’ colored contact lenses for Halloween – Decorative and colored contact lenses are extremely popular during Halloween as they enhance the costume. But, be aware that these lenses carry a significant health risk. U.S. Food and Drug Administration is discouraging consumers from using decorative contact lenses.

Botox Cosmetic approved to improve crow’s feet lines

US FDA approves Botox Cosmetic to improve the appearance of crow’s feet lines – A new use for Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe lateral canthal lines, known as crow’s feet, in adults is approved in USA. Botox Cosmetic is the only FDA approved drug treatment option for lateral canthal lines.

Sleep deprivation has noticeable effects on facial appearance

Study reveals the face of sleep deprivation — Sleep deprivation has noticeable effects on facial appearance that may have social consequences – Sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes, mouth and skin, and these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people.

Mentally stimulating activities boost brainpower in old age

Does being a bookworm boost your brainpower in old age? – New research suggests that reading books, writing and participating in brain-stimulating activities at any age may preserve memory. “Our study suggests that exercising your brain by taking part in activities such as these across a person’s lifetime, from childhood through old age, is important for brain health in old age,” said study author Robert S. Wilson, PhD, with Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

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