H1N1 vaccine clinics open to all, Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD) is offering extended hours and days for both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccinations at the main building at 921 NE 23rd Street in Oklahoma City.

Hours for the walk-in immunization clinics are Mondays through Thursdays from 7 AM to 5 PM. The flu vaccinations are free of charge and the clinics are open to Oklahoma County residents of all ages.

OCCHD is also reminding parents that all children ages six months through nine years need H1N1 booster vaccinations. “This week may be a good opportunity to bring children in for their second immunizations,” says OCCHD Public Health Protection Chief Phillip Maytubby.

Booster vaccinations should be given at least 28 days after the initial dose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get their boosters as close to the 28 day mark as possible, but a longer interval is acceptable. Children may have either flu mist or injectable vaccine for their boosters, regardless of which type they got as a first dose.

H1N1 vaccinations are also available from private providers including doctors and pharmacies. Parents may also wish to check with schools to find out whether booster clinics are scheduled.

Anyone bringing a child to one of the clinics who is not the parent must have a signed permission slip from the parent authorizing the immunizations. The slip must read:

I (Full Name Parent) give permission for (Full Name of Person) to obtain the H1N1 vaccination for: (All children must be listed with full names and date of birth). This slip must be signed and dated with the date they bring the child to the clinic.

While immunizations from the health department are free of charge, the health department will accept donations to help cover the cost of administering the vaccine.

Source: Oklahoma City-County Health Department, USA

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