Coronavirus vaccine launched by Russia to become first in Coronavirus vaccine race

Russia has developed the first vaccine against the coronavirus. The announcement was made by President Vladimir Putin during a televised video conference call with government ministers today.

President Vladimir Putin said one of his daughters has already been inoculated.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise at an alarming rate across the globe, scientists and medical experts are making accelerated efforts to develop a vaccine fit for human use.

Coronavirus vaccine

Currently, there are more than 160 vaccine candidates in different stages of production and 27 of these have reached the human trials.

While the vaccine created by Oxford University and drugmaker AstraZeneca is considered one of the frontrunners in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine, Russia to day became the first country in the world to launch its very own coronavirus vaccine.

Russia currently has two COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the race. Russia will reportedly begin producing the vaccine soon and already has plans for a massive, country-wide vaccine drive.

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