Reduced Salt Butter for high blood pressure patients by Amul

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Keeping in mind the inherent need and convenience of the consumers and taking into account the changing lifestyles, Amul is all set to expand its product portfolio with Amul Reduced Salt Butter. Amul Reduced Salt Butter has almost 50% less salt than table butter.

Amul Reduced Salt Butter will be a boon for high blood pressure patients for whom salt intake is restricted.

Sedentary lifestyles have given rise to health problems like high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, etc. People with such problems are advised a restrictive salt intake. As a result, many of them are deprived of relishing the taste of traditional butter because of high salt percentage.

Amul Reduced Salt Butter with its rich taste would be a blessing for such people. Packed in 100gms. and 500 gms. cartons, priced at Rs. 20/- and Rs. 95/- respectively, Amul Reduced Salt Butter provides value for money.

With this launch, Amul has established its lead over functional dairy products. According to Shri B. M. Vyas, Managing Director, Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation, “The movement of population from rural areas to cities is rising. The increased urbanization has given a boost to demand for health products. Moreover, with rise in disposable income and educational level, the awareness for nutrition and health improves which in turn raises the demand for health and nutritional products. Market studies indicate that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives. Keeping this in mind, Amul has introduced a range of functional products.”

After introducing India’s first sports and energy drink Stamina, Pro-biotic Ice-creams, Pro- biotic Lassi and Curd, and High Calcium Milk, Amul has now introduced Reduced Salt Butter in order to give the consumers a wide choice of healthy products.

Source: Amul, India

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